Sprinkles, Ice Cream and Unicorns at The Museum of Ice Cream

      According to the official Museum of Ice Cream website, this museum is ''the place where ideas are transformed into real life experiences. It is a place where flavors are mysteries, toppings are toys and sprinkles make the world a better place.''

      After hearing all about this museum online, i couldn't help but wonder if it is really worth to see, or is like another ''Color Factory''. You never know without trying, right? So we got our tickets for the day after the opening day. Four of us were all ready to try every ice cream that was going to be offered to us. Honestly, I do not even like or eat ice cram as much. Once every blue moon, MAYBE! But, I had to try the Museum of Ice Cream's ice cream. :)

      We were in the museum after waiting in the line for about 15-20 minutes. After we got the welcome information, we saw a pink wall full of the historic facts about ice cream. Then, we found ourselves in front of the Ice Cream Vault. It would have been cooler if the vault was actually open. (The #MOIC building was the Armani Exchange Building earlier. And before that it was a bank, that is the reason there is a vault inside.) We had another short information session in front of the vault, after that we proceeded to the actual museum tour.

      Museum of Ice Cream actually reminded me of IKEA, because you enter from one door, and get out from another door. You cannot really turn back. At least, they do not want you to do so. 

      Here are some pictures from my visit:

      We first received a little cup of Bi-Rite ice cream, and after that we received a half mochi ice-cream. Not sure about what brand it was. They only had 2 flavors, and I got the strawberry flavor. I heard they had three flavors later on. Maybe they kept adding more, who knows. Couple rooms later, we got 'unicorn ice cream' which was basically a miniature size vanilla ice-cream. I do not know where the unicorn came from. The room had a big unicorn in it, maybe that's why. I wish they had more ice cream vendors inside. I would love to see the Mitchell's Ice Cream, Smitten Ice Cream, Salt & Straw, Humphry Slocombe, and others. But none of them were there unfortunately.

      I have to be honest... I did not like the sprinkle pool. Like at all. It is so small, so they can only have 15 people or so in at any given time. This results with a big line. You have to wait in that line for a long time because they do not let you go. You have to ask them to pass the sprinkle room. You cannot just walk away otherwise. 

      The tour ended with three swings with three different background for final picture and boomerang opportunities. On that floor, there was also a ice cream mini shop where you can purchase some ice cream, if the ones you had are not enough, and there was the MOIC store and a ping-pong table. 

      Overall, it was fun, except for the lines and waiting times. They can definitely do a better job ion the location and vendors next time. Bigger location will allow them to have a bigger pool, and there will not be long lines and frustrated people :) 

      Have you visited the Museum of Ice Cream yet? How did you like it? Please do share your experience with me.