Cabo Highlights

       We took a trip down to Cabo, Mexico for a quick getaway. If you like surfing, and if you don't want to fly to Hawaii for 5+ hours (for the record, I am down to fly to Hawaii anytime), Cabo is the next best thing regarding the water temperature. You still need your spring suit though, it is not as warm as Hawaii water.

      Some friends stayed at an all inclusive hotel, (if you are a foodie, not a good idea, if you don't care about food taste, and just want to have unlimited food, then go for it) but we decided to get an Airbnb in a nice gated community that has a common pool and gym (yay!). It was close enough to the place we surf generally. We surf right infront of the Cabo Surf Hotel when we are in Cabo. The hotel is very cute, not super big but has good restaurant with good food (7 Seas Seafood Grille) and even has a surfing school if you are a beginner (Mike Doyle Surf School). I must say the breakfast is yummy, they even have protein smoothies on the menu. Here are some pictures of the beach, the restaurant and the food. When you go to Cabo, do consider this hotel.

      On the way to home, this view was definitely gorgeous. It is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, a distinctive rock formation. It is here that the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California. Locals told us that one side of the Arch is called The Lovers Beach and the other side is called The Divorce Beach. You can take daily tours there. We chose to do scuba diving, and passed by the Arch. It was a blast.

  Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

      Finally, it was the time to get back to home. The airport has a huge food court. The best spot in the food court was the Corona Bar which is a sports bar. We sat there with our pups until our flight. Yay for the pet friendly food courts! I tried their apple & parmesan cheese salad. The salad cup was made of parmesan cheese. It was yummy. Too much cheese, but yummy. 

     It was a short but sweet trip. Good to be back to home sweet home, San Francisco. If you find hidden gems in Cabo, do let me know, so I can try next time when I am there.